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AC Gearmotors - Right Angle
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Euclid Universal - MC268

Right angle, double reduction, three phase AC gearmotor

The MC268DR is a double reduction right angle gearmotor with an output capacity up to 2,400 lb-in. It is designed for those applications needing a lower output speed and more torque. The MC268DR is an economically priced, but rugged torque dense right angle double reduction worm gearmotor. It is designed for those applications requiring a heavy duty gearmotor in a compact size. This tough universally mountable fractional horsepower workhorse will easily handle many applications, such as feeders, conveyors, transfer stations, pumps, printing presses, mixers, etc. right off the shelf. The driven load can be connected by coupling, sprocket, pulley or gears. The gearmotor design incorporates integral motors directly mounted to the gearcase. Other design features include tapered roller and ball bearings, forged bronze worm wheel, hardened steel worm shaft, high tensile strength die cast aluminum alloy gearcase, and double lipped oil seals on the input and output shafts. But when you have special requirements, these gearmotors will accept many special modifications required for your especially difficult applications.


  • Printing press
  • Pumps
  • Conveyors
  • Mixers
  • Amusement devices
  • Farm machinery
  • Feeders
  • Mechanical lifts


  • TEFC motor construction
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum primary and cast iron final gearbox housing
  • Full ball bearing construction
  • Gear oil lubrication - vented
  • Precision machined gearing for smooth, efficient, long life operation
  • Multiple output speeds available
  • Several voltage options
  • Oil seals on axle shafts for protection against dirt intrusion


  • Ratio
  • Motor HP
  • Custom output shafts (per your specifications)
  • High or low temperature modifications


Bi-directional operation
3/4, 1 and 2 hp models
Voltage: 208/230/460 VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Motor: 56F 3-phase
Insulation class: F
Ratios: 25:1, 37:1, 47:1 , 57:1
Output speeds: 30-68 rpm
Lubrication: Gear Oil
Weight: 72 lbs
Agency approvals: UL/CSA
Large: 1.5” keyed output shaft




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