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Parallel shaft DC gearmotors are also called helical or in-line gearmotors because the input shaft and output shaft are parallel to each other. They can be single, double, triple or even quadruple reduction to achieve the desired ratio and output speed. Efficiency can be as high as 99% per stage of reduction so it is always a more energy efficient gearmotor than right angle worm gearmotors. Because its efficiency is not lost as heat, as it is in a right angle worm gearmotor, more of the motors input horsepower is transferred to the output shaft.

If you are looking for a more energy efficient drive for your application, then the parallel shaft DC gearmotor should be your choice for those battery powered applications. Parallel shaft gearmotors always are more durable and have a longer operating life than right angle worm gearmotors.  Parallel shaft gearmotors are the familiar workhorses of countless industrial and commercial applications, these gearmotors must be capable of very high work cycle counts over long years of service. Euclid Universal parallel shaft gearmotors operate to specification, start after start, year after year.

Standard Euclid Universal parallel shaft DC gearmotors can be ordered off-the-shelf with short lead times on many models, or we will work with you on your specific requirements to provide the optimal customized solution. The following pages will offer various voltages, ratios, mountings and output speeds that are available. Other ratios can be designed and manufactured with a longer lead time.





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