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Right angle single reduction PMDC gearmotor

MC200The MC200C is an economically priced compact, but rugged medium duty right angle worm gearmotor for those applications requiring excellent performance in a compact size. This tough face mountable gearmotor is available with a left or right handed configuration as well as double output shafts and will handle many applications, such as feeders, conveyors, transfer stations, pumps, printing presses, mixers, etc. The driven load can be connected by coupling, sprocket, pulley or gears. The gearmotor design incorporates integral motors directly mounted to the gearcase. Other design features include forged bronze worm wheel, hardened steel worm shaft, high tensile strength die cast aluminum alloy gearcase, tapered roller and ball bearings with double lipped oil seals on the input and output shafts. When you have special requirements, these gearmotors will accept many modifications required for difficult applications.


  • Floor care equipment
  • Mobile medical equipment
  • Door openers
  • Mixers
  • Specialty vehicles
  • 1/4-scale locomotives
  • Tugs


  • Low profile
  • Hardened steel and bronze gearing
  • Ball and tapered roller bearing construction
  • Viton output seal
  • Field replaceable motor
  • Grease or oil lubrication for life
  • Aluminum housing


  • Parking brake
  • Output shaft configuration
  • Hollow output option
  • Motor terminals
  • Left and right hand outputs
  • Dual opposing output



Voltages: 24 and 36 VDC
Motor: 4” and 4.63” OD, 0.33 –1.7 hp, TENV and OFC
Ratios: 5, 7.5, 12, 18.5, 25, 30, 36, 42, 48, 60:1
Output speeds: 40-540 rpm
Lubrication: Synthetic oil/EP grease
Output shaft: Keyed/tapped 3/4” OD
Mounting: 3 bolt on 3.375” BC



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